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Student Stage Program


The rapid and continuous changes in the international economic and social environment, as well as their consequences to the modern professional roles, have revealed the students' need to be familiar with the terms and conditions of the labour market.

Within this new framework, and taking into account the contemporary needs of the students, the Faculty of Turkish Studies and Modern Asian Studies is proceeding with the materialization of the undergraduate students' Stage Program, under the Operational Program "Training and Lifelong Education", which forms part of the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF-ESPA).

The Stage Program offers students the opportunity to gain experience in a real working environment, connecting their studies to the labour market, in order to create opportunities that enhance the professional skills and the social and professional integration of the students.



The Stage Program will be applied with the cooperation of selected institutions related to the following subjects:

-History and Culture

-Politics and Economics

-Language, Literature and Linguistics

The aim is to provide young scholars and researchers with the opportunity to improve their practical skills and effectively face the challenges of the contemporary labour market.

During the materialization period of the Stage Program, 39 students work for the selected institutions during a period of four months, while there will be constant communication with the person in charge of monitoring the students enrolled in the program.



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