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4th Semester

1. 70013 Α Turkish Language IV: Morphology and Syntax

2. 70013 Β Turkish Language IV: Written Discourse Skills

3. 70013 C Turkish Language IV: Oral production

4. 70010 Modern Turkish Literature

5. 70019 Introduction to Islamic Art

6. 70044 Economic Geography and Geopolitics of the Greater Middle East and Turkey II

7. 70045 Greek-Turkish Relations

8. 70093 Summarisation Techniques



(1) The Turkish Language courses are open access courses up to the 4th semester.

The successful completion of the first four semesters of the Turkish language courses is a prerequisite for the 5th semester Turkish Language course. The prerequisite courses norm is applicable from the 5th semester onwards (see related announcement in the Curriculum).

(2) Students should choose one Elective Course per semester.

(3) The new Curriculum is applicable to students that enrolled in the academic year 2008-2009 onwards.

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