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Laboratory of Socio-Linguistics, Turkish language, Translation and Interpreting


The Laboratory of Socio-Linguistics, Turkish language, Translation and Interpreting of the Faculty of Turkish Studies and Modern Asian Studies of the School of Economic and Political Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens focuses on important academic, research, as well as national scientific and research goals. It aims to:

1. Cover, on an under-graduate and post-graduate level, the educational and research needs of the Faculty of Turkish Studies and Modern Asian Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, as well as of other Faculties of the University, in topics that fall within the activity subjects of the laboratory. Such needs are educational, research-oriented and publishing-related, primarily in the fields of Socio-linguistics, Translation and Interpreting, Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. Special emphasis is put on the Turkish Language – general, sub-languages and varieties of it – and on its relations with Greek, the rest of the European languages, and the Middle-Asian languages, as well as on their sub-fields, focusing primarily on the development of linguistic and translational resources of written and spoken discourse, methodologies and tools that support the study and research of written and spoken discourse production on inter-linguistic and intra-linguistic levels, the production of translations of reference texts, the development of specialised lexical and terminological resources in the Faculty's areas of research and focus, planning and offering programmes of language teaching and training and study courses in the fields of Translation and Interpreting, independently or in collaboration with respective academic centres in Greece or abroad, as well as the dissemination of the Greek culture and the Greek scientific thought, through translation and interpreting.  

2. Cover topics that fall within the area of professional and scientific orientation of the Faculty, and also the development of educational programs and programs of basic or applied research in relevant subject matters.

3. Cooperate with research centres and academic institutions in Greece or abroad, provided that the scientific objectives coincide with, conform to, and/or are complementary to those of the Laboratory.

4. Organise scientific lectures, workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences and other scientific activities, publications, and invite Greek and foreign scientists.

5. Provide services to individuals, according to PD 159/1984 on the “Requirements for Service Provision by University Laboratoties to Individuals and to Every Form of Organisations” (Government Gazette issue Α , no. 53).

The establishment of the Laboratory accomplishes one of the strategic priorities of the Faculty, concerning the study of the Turkish language, under a linguistic, and more specifically socio-linguistic and translational approach, and thereby, of the Turkish-speaking populations of Greece, Middle East and Turkey, as well as of their relations with the Greek and European linguistic reality and production. The subject areas of the Laboratory aim to combine academic research and scientific practice – especially of Translation and Interpreting, serving primary productive aims of the Faculty. In this sense, the establishment of the Laboratory aims to create a scientific centre that is innovative for the Greek standards, with  appropriate targeting and broad perspectives for the development of synergies, with the School of Philosophy of the University of Athens, as well as more broadly, through cooperation with scientific and academic centres, whether public or private, Greek or foreign.